Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory


Teaching Modules: We would like to create a series of online training modules targeted at a wide variety of audiences (from the public to high school students, undergraduates and graduate students). These modules might include audio or video clips demonstrating a technique or giving a lecture on a subject. In particular, we’d like to develop a module that could be used in an upper level biogeochemistry class. Enzymes are an incredibly important, but overlooked part of biogeochemistry. A module created by RCN participants could help instructors to incorporate enzymes into their curriculum.

The creating of training modules might be a good project for an REU or graduate student. If you or one of your students is interested in creating a teaching module, please contact Matthew Wallenstein. Also, feel free to forward links to relevant existing online material.

Short Courses: The RCN can provide funding to network participants who want to teach a short course in enzymology with particular focus on training new undergraduates, graduate students and post-docs. Please contact Matthew Wallenstein for further information.

Overview of MM kinetics (pdf)