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L-DOPA extinction coefficient

L-DOPA extinction coefficient
on 01/21/2011 13:12 by Jen

Does anyone have a protocol for measuring the extinction coefficient for L-DOPA? Also, is there an acceptable range for this value?


Reply: L-DOPA extinction coefficient
on 04/09/2013 04:15 by Stefan

Dear Jen, I have exactly the same problem. There is actually a protocol on this website from the Sinsabaugh Lab, however there is no detailled information given on activity of the HRP used. They provide 1.66/μmol for the extinction coefficient. I'd be glad to hear how you're doing, we can eventually share experiences if you're interested.


Reply: L-DOPA extinction coefficient
on 04/15/2013 18:19 by Jen

Hi Stefan, I've tried to upload the protocol for measuring the extinction coefficient here. Hopefully it worked! I'd be happy to chat about it. My email is email me with a follow up!