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Soil Homogenizer- Tissue Tearor

Soil Homogenizer- Tissue Tearor
on 04/11/2010 18:14 by Jen

I am currently using a Tissue Tearor to homogenize soil samples to analyze extracellular enzyme activity. This device was not designed for such an abrasive material and I am finding that the bit is getting worn down quite quickly (these things are not cheap!). Does anyone know of a more appropriate device/method to use? Any advice would be appreciated

Thanks, Jen
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on 04/12/2010 05:43 by Matt Wallenstein

It is pretty common to use a Waring blender to homogenize soil samples. Many people use the lab version available through Fischer, VWR or others. They also make smaller volume stainless steel containers. Have a look a the protocols on this website for more info.

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on 04/13/2010 15:45 by Jen

nbEditor required Wow! Thanks for the speedy response Matt!

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on 06/24/2011 11:05 by Joshua

I've been using a standard kitchen immersion blender from Target. It works quite well, but I would suggest getting two if you are doing alot of samples to prevent overheating. They typically run about $40 a piece.